Drinks are made of 100% natural ingredients offering the best, pure, organic quality from Austria. 

IXSO is the pioneer of a new generation
of vegan organic drinks that impress
through quality, design and taste.

We connect people and nature.


To consistently avoid all artificial additives, we rely on traditional fermentation with micro-organisms, also called lactic fermentation. An old fashioned, but very intelligent method of gentle processing and preserving foods without chemicals. For the unique quality, we use a special type of fermentation specially developed for IXSO drinks.

Mixed with juices from local, sun-ripened fruits, it gives a full-bodied, unique IXSO taste.

IXSO without caffeine - the organic alternative to lemonades and ice tea drinks. 

IXSO with caffeine -  the organic alternative to Cola type drinks. 

IXSO is very rich in vitamin B12

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