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We are developing and distributing innovative skin- and body-care lines for women and men who love beauty independent of any specific age group. Our key consumers are women and men who do not believe anymore in glamorous adverts, expensive actors or models with a cream jar in their hand. Our consumers are rather looking for quality and efficiency for sustainable beauty and well-being combined with an emotional packaging!


Our lines are offering the unique combination of raw materials from Swiss nature, innovative active ingredients from Swiss research laboratories packed in an esthetical and easy to use packaging. Our formulations are state-of-the-art and parabene free. They are suitable for all skin types, in particular for sensitive skin!


Our signature; Products are mainly composed of natural plant or fruit extracts* organically  grown on the high pastures of the Wallis Alps and naturally fed by enriching, mineral-rich, pure Swiss glacier water from the Les Diablerets Glacier. Carefully selected and picked by expert hands the moment the Alpine plants and fruits reach the perfect stage to contain just the right amount of the critical ingredients for our exclusive skincare formulas.


Our Vision is to provide the best Swiss Cellular Skincare  by combining the most advanced technology with nature’s finest skin caring solutions. We continually search for the latest technology and most effective natural ingredients from around the world and bring them together in our Swiss laboratory, creating the perfect union through our unique manufacturing processes.


The range is divided into the following lines


Duty Free Zurich Airport

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