Be bold and experience a can of bursting energy drink, most talked about supplement on the planet, VECTOR energy.

We asked our scientists to stay long hours in the lab and create a truly extraordinary product that is able to compete against the famous brands on taste and quality.

The results have exceeded our expectations and based on our tests we delivered a product offering twice the kick of regular energy drinks. 
VECTOR offers a solid energy boost and still indulges us with a exceptional flavor you can truly enjoy.

*Vector is an exclusive brand of FMCG Export Experts. All rights reserved.

The range is available in various pack sizes:


  • 250ml

  • 330ml

  • 500ml


 *MOQs apply









All Vector SKUs allow for substantial margin aspirations while being  positioned as a mid-range brand.

Further to the Classic flavour we are delighted to offer the following alternatives:



Passion Fruit


© 2018 FMCG Export Experts.Trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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