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The original Zaspa cream dates back to 1985 when one of pharmacists in the hospital of St. Wojciech in Gdansk, created a formula of nappy rash cream for new-borns.  The cream was made available only to women who gave birth in this very  hospital. It became known to effectively treat skin problems of new-borns and  quickly gained trust of young mums across the country. 


After 30 years, the very pharmacist decided to make it available again and extend the range with three more formulas: Zaspa Soft Skin, Zaspa Active and Zaspa Hypoallergenic.  


Zaspa Creams are completely free of preservatives, dyes or fragrances and contain much more lanoline than other creams.




Zaspa Diaper Cream is the only diaper cream with a dispenser and applicator.  Thanks to this special, hermetic and antibacterial packaging, the cream boasts 18 months shelf life.

The Range


Nappy Rash Cream

Active Cream

Hypoallergenic Cream

Soft Skin Cream

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